Living Alongside Covid-19

An Garda Síochána are urging the public to work together to minimise the risk to each other, to our families and the local community.

Our progress continues to depend on our collective individual actions. We can stall this latest trend in the virus provided that everyone plays their part by following the vital public health guidance which has stayed consistent:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly – especially after you have been out and about or in and out of other peoples’ homes or businesses.
  • Continue to observe good cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Maintain social distancing and remember to exercise judgement about where you spend time – keep in mind that if a place doesn’t look safe and it doesn’t feel safe, it probably isn’t safe.
  • Keep your social interactions to a minimum to limit the amount of contacts that you have.
  • Wear face coverings, on public transport, in shops and shopping centres, and in all indoor settings where social distancing is difficult.