St Mary's Church

Main Street, Delvin, Westmeath

St. Mary’s Church is a dramatic ruin located on our main street. Described by the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage as a ‘Freestanding former Church of Ireland church, rebuilt c.1810 incorporating fabric of later medieval church building (c.1550). Comprises two-stage fortified medieval belfry tower on square plan (c.1550), a Board of First fruits-type hall (c.1810) and a later nineteenth century transept (c.1860)’.  

Evidence suggests that the building was not originally used as a church but instead as a defence post with the bell tower initially employed as a watch tower. Over the years the building has been changed many times with neo classical and Gothic features clearly visible in its architecture.

The church remained in use until the 1970s at which point the roof was removed and the building was left to the elements.

The church is a fascinating building which attracts camera yielding visitors all year round, keen to explore its derelict interior and to see if they can decipher the inscriptions on the tombstones in the overgrown church yard surrounding it.

Access To Grounds
Access to the church grounds is entirely at your own risk but the key can be obtained from Leavy's Shop.