Head Quarters

Established in 2007, Head Quarters is a friendly, modern hair salon located on Main Street, Delvin. 

Lindsay Jordan has more than 25 years experience as a stylist and offers her clients a full range of services, from a simple cut and blow-dry to up-styles, restyles, highlights and more. 

Clients can enjoy a relaxed experience with convenient appointment times to suit the busiest of modern lifestyles. First Communion, Confirmation and wedding appointments are also easily accommodated.

Head Quarters also offers a range of hair care products from trusted brands including Alfaparf and Schwarzkopf, and Lindsey is always happy to advise clients on the best products for their hair.

To book an appointment, please call  086 863 3329.

Key Features

  • Cuts, up-styles & restyles
  • Highlights and colours
  • Alfaparf stockist
  • Convenient appointment times

Opening Hours

09:30 - 18:00
09:30 - 20:00
09:00 - 18:00


Main Street
N91 X30H


086 863 3329

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Luv it Lindsay..an Sooo True🥰

Yes please

I’m posting this to try and help those who are panicking about going back to work. Here is my very simple plan. I am going to run my business pretty much as I did before. I used clean towels for every client already, I have purchased more gowns so every client has a fresh gown these will be washed each evening. All clients on entering the salon will be asked to either wash hands or use sanitizer. I will wear a plastic apron and mask or visor if required by government and clients will wear a mask if required. I will wear gloves for chemical services only, I will be washing my hands after each client so gloves will not be needed. I am not investing in a card machine as im a very small one man band. I will be asking clients to put their money in an envelope or money bag with their name on. I will then cash up at end of day then simply wash my hands. I am using barbicide to clean my tools and also in a spray bottle to clean work stations etc between clients. They need to bring their own refreshments. I’m not buying screens I think they are pointless personally. I mostly work one client at a time anyway however two clients in salon should be ok as long as you can have them two metres apart which I can. It doesn’t need to be made difficult- most of these practices are all ready part of our job. Take a breath - and think about it sensibly, don’t go over the top. It’s really a case of practicing good hygiene and social distancing. Where appointments are concerned- remember you can only do as many as you can do, yes some clients will be upset but that’s not your fault either - take a breath and enjoy your last couple of weeks off before it goes mad. ❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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I will be doing the same as in a small village salon and I also think there is a lot of scaremongering!!!

Best and most practical plan I’ve seen . Thanks 👍

Absolutely perfect I will be doing the very same❤️

Great plan this is exactly wat I'll be doing . The money bags is a great idea.. everything else is all money when it can be done perfectly and safe like this . Fair play for Sharing this ..

Perfect plan think we are over thinking it I'm 3 hairstylist salon but I'm doing the same with towels and gowns washed daily,have card machine but will us cash I use it in local shops no issues. Just getting sanitizer at reception just inside my front door. No magazines no tea coffee. 2 meter distance between stations and masks. I'm getting no more because I feel when we go to shops and chemist it's quite layed back within reason. Looking forward to getting back now

Very good advice thank u for that. But Just one thing what can be not fair for us its leave money on envelope. U can trust everyone how u can be sure money on envelope will this amount what u looking for.. They can leave less amount there.

You should look into Revolut also. It is a very simple way of client paying you on the spot (provided both have Revolut accounts of course!). That is how our window cleaner gets paid. Looking forward to seeing you back!

Your salon is always hygienic Lindsay well said looking forward to my haircut

Your post is being shared on salon group pages & I just want to say thank you! There is so much scaremongering out there regarding refitting & guidelines. I’ve been pricing Covid equipment for my salon & had to stop....it’s pointless, until I get OFFICIAL guidelines for salons from the HSE/HSA. Have you noticed the amount of businesses trying to cash in on sanitation products they don’t specialize in? Shame on them. Sorry for the rant 😆 but I see a lot of other hairdressers spending lots of €’s on stuff we may not need! So thanks again! Your post is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

Well said Lindsay you always provide a very good service and your saloon is always spotless just cant wait to get my hair done

Well done HeadQuaters Delvin,i will be doing the same as you. Likewise I'm a one salon person, only thing I am doing differently is I have purchased disposable gowns. I will use them for the first couple of weeks and see how that works. As every salon is different, it's really hard to have same rules for all. Just use common sense. Best of luck.

Well said Lindsay knowing you things will be done to the highest standards we all have to go back out there and get on with things just in a little different way stay safe 😊

So well put your 100% right..you've helped alot of people with this post..keep up the positive approach..well done.

Same here as salon in home. Great advice..

Great plan Lindsey I’m the same myself However I’m not a one man band Hopefully it will just be for a few weeks Anything is better than nothing 😊

Thanks for sharing!!! This is the best advice iv seen so far ! I wish you well x

Great plan Lindsay .... we all have to learn how to live with this Covid 19....but life can go on....just with some changes.... looking forward to seeing you back open again....😘😘😘

I hope I'm First on your List Lindsay Jordan😉 Well done for letting plp in on what's happening lindsay once we all have a good idea of what to do all will fall in to place👏😁 Looking forward to seeing you Soon lindsay..take care hope alls well with u an your Family💞

Well said good luck with all,its exactly what I believe x

Well said fair play to you a bit of common sense 💇‍♀️

Best of luck, Lyndsey. They'll be queuing down Delvin Main St for an appointment.

Identical to what I'm doing but I will be strictly one to one 💖

Hi Lindsay great plan.. message from Peggy she can’t wait to see you!💕

Exactly, common sense and good hygiene prevent spread.

& that’s exactly how I would imagine you would put it Lindsay 😂 perfect & that’s how we will do it 💪🏻

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Samantha Timmons 🤪🤪🤪


Yes please 🙋‍♀️


Most definitely 🙏

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3 weeks ago

HeadQuaters Delvin

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