St Patrick's Hall

St Patrick’s Hall was built in 1832 and originally served as the village chapel. The ghost of an old priest was once said to appear to people as they approached the building. A ghostly light would be seen and footsteps heard as if he was walking around the empty building, saying his prayers. On occasion, the serving priest would hear late confessions and it was said that if the last person did not walk him home to the rectory on the Ballyhealy Road afterwards, the ghost would walk with him instead. 

The ghost of the priest is still said to follow the route from the hall to the old rectory on occasion.

In 1918, the hall caretaker was locking up for the night and had just turned the key in the door on his way out when he heard the distinct sound of footsteps walking across the wooden floor followed by one piercing note being struck on the piano – which was locked at the time. On investigation, he found that the hall was completely empty and all doors and windows sealed. 

To this day, visitors still occasionally report an eerie feeling near the stage.