HAPPY Halloween

Welcome to this themed guide, with useful tips for pet care, safe trick or treating and security - plus a few local ghost stories to help get you in to the spirit of things.


Pet Care

Pets can be distressed by the noise and fuss. Here are some tips to help keep them safe.

  • Keep pets indoors if at all possible. They may be startled by loud noises or confused by people in costume - especially in masks.
  • Don't put a costume on your pet. Many find this uncomfortable.
  • Don't take your pets trick or treating. They may get confused and upset. 
  • Pets are sensitive to loud noises and can be startled by loud bangs. One suggestion is to place them in a room with a radio on to help cover sudden noises.
  • Keep sweets away from pets! Some sweets are toxic to animals.
  • Be careful with decorations as pets will pull at them. Also, be mindful if you are using real candles.