General Shopping Advice

At midnight on Friday 27th March, the country went into “lock-down” with only essential shops remaining open. Minimise your time at the stores (here or further afield) by following these simple “rules”.

  1. Make a list BEFORE you head to the shop to ensure you get everything you need as quickly as possible and without the need to make a second or third trip.
  2. Shop alone – only one member of a household should go to any store.
  3. DO NOT BULK BUY! It’s not necessary.
  4. Maintain a minimum of two (2) metres between yourself and other customers or staff members whether you are in store or waiting outside.
  5. Do not handle goods unless you are purchasing them.
  6. Pay by card (preferably contact less) wherever possible.
  7. Be patient. Stores may be operating with a skeleton staff so be prepared to wait a little longer at peak times and remember that workers are just as concerned as you are about all of this!    

Remember – the 2km restrction applies to excercise and not to your shopping arrangements, so you CAN still go to T*sco, D*nnes, A*di or L*dl!

These restrictions won’t be in place forever so please follow any guidelines given – no matter alien they may seem. They are there to help everyone stay as safe as possible. The sooner we flatten the curve, the sooner life can return to normal.