Working With Crystal Skulls

on Saturday 5th March from 11:00 at The Purple Raven Gallery, Crowenstown, Delvin

A talk on crystal skulls and their use in healing both in the past and today on Saturday, March 5th at 11 am. Discussion on how to activate and charge crystal skulls and methods of using them as healing tools & for divination.

I will include some information on four specific very ancient crystal skulls, AMAR, CANYA IXIM, ET & SHA NA RA (in which some of my own collection were charged in special ceremonies before they arrived at me). If anyone would like to bring along their own crystal skulls they can be charged with the energies of these ancient skulls on the day, using my skull collection.

There will be a short meditation using crystal skulls for self-healing.

Donation box towards the coffees & upkeep of the gallery.

About The Organisers

This event is being organised by Hazel Revington Cross - (044) 966 4723

Venue Information

Crowenstown, Delvin, Westmeath, N91 CXD1.

Lovingly curated by artist Hazel Revington Cross, the Purple Raven Art Gallery is a treasure trove, packed to the rafters with exciting and unusual gifts. Off-road car park available.

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