Soul Plan Reading

Soul Plan Reading @ Purple Raven Art

on Saturday 17th August from 11:00 at Purple Raven Gallery, Crowenstown, Delvin

On Saturday August 17th at 11am, we have Oscar Phoenix in the gallery to give a talk and demonstration of a soul plan reading. Many questions about our lives can be answered using the sound vibrations of the name that we were given at birth. It holds the blue print of the path our souls choose to experience in this current life. By decoding this through a soul plan reading we can identify our life challenges, talents and goals.

About The Organisers

This event is being organised by Hazel Revington Cross - (044) 966 4723

Lovingly curated by artist Hazel Revington Cross, the Purple Raven Art Gallery is a treasure trove, packed to the rafters with exciting and unusual gifts. Read more…