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ES Glass

Robinstown, Delvin, County Westmeath
044 966 4767

What began as a shared hobby in 2011 has steadily grown in to a locally well known business – and one that has seen its bespoke pieces shipped all over the world.

From their new design studio in Robinstown, Eddie and Stu of ES Glass, design and craft beautiful seasonal pieces from fused glass for general sale. Regular products include clocks, jewellery, key-rings, quirky window decorations, decorative bowls and seasonal gifts. A selection of these items can be found at the Purple Raven Gallery in Crowenstown.

Commissions are a speciality of Eddie’s. Photographs – and even ashes – have been fused with glass to create truly one off, bespoke pieces for christenings, birthdays, weddings and other occasions.

For full details and a no obligation chat about your requirements, please call Eddie on 044 966 4767.

Events & Workshops

ES Glass organise an annual Christmas Craft Fair each November at St Patrick’s Hall, Delvin. In addition, they offer regular classes at their workshop in Robinstown.

Ample parking is available for those attending workshops.

Fused Glass Lessons - Afternoon & Evening - €25

Come join us for a 3 hour beginner's class and learn how to make a fused glass piece which you can keep. These classes are available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12-3 or 5-8. Read More...

Fused Glass Course For Beginners - €80

This one day beginner's class will run from 10am to 4pm and will be a "hands on" practical workshop aimed at providing the learner with a basic knowledge of glass fusion art. Refreshments will be provided and crafters can Read More...

For further details and bookings, please call Eddie on 086 842 9230.

Contact ES Glass

Please call 044 966 4767.

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1 week ago

ES Glass

So as this will be the last week of glass making i thought why not do a competition to end the year. So if you would like to win a of our Fused glass necklace and some other goodies, tell me about the best Christmas you had.
We will choose a winner on the 8th
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The year the ESB went out . My grandparents were living with us . The whole family together and my Mammy still managed to produce a fantastic dinner. We kept it warm by the fire in the sitting room . My Grandad sang for us ......probabally 25 years ago...

The best christmas i had was 2010 my mams last christmas with is we had a lovely family day .my mam didnt live far from us and always like to return to her own home in the evening . It started to snow around two that day at six she headed with my hubby headed off to bring her home a 5 minute drive but when they got to her house the place was like an ice rink they couldnt stand on her drive .so they returned home to us and we had a lovely cosy christmas night together watched all the soaps together ( which my late mam loved )

When I was 5 Santa left each of us a sack of toys, it was magical, recounting it to my mam years later she told me it was her most stressful, my dad had been made redundant and they had no money, she bought everything in sales and in pound shops, I can still remember my doll in a Moses basket, the colour in cardboard house, the crayons, it also helped me realised you don't need to spend loads to make a great Christmas

My favorite Christmas was when I first started seeing my husband. It was my first Christmas after splitting with my husband I had been through a dreadful time for a number of years through abuse and cheating . I was not looking forward to this particular one. My eldest daughter was having dinner with her boy friend my middle one was actually working as a waitress just left me and my 10 year old I got married at 18 , for the first time ever I decided not to cook diner and went out for the first time I was not stressed and everything was so calm no worrying in case I said the wrong thing. The lovely man that was to become my next husband was a work colleague I was so unsure where things were going or even if I wanted to go there. He picked me up from the restaurant and took me home he walked in behind me and handed me a present, he had really thought about it and got me an indoor water feature to help me relax. It was then I dared to hope that this could be the start of true happiness that was 16 years ago and we are now married and every Christmas he works hard to make it special . I feel so lucky

The best Christmas I had was in 2002, the last Christmas spent with my parents before both passed away. Wonderful memories, dancing around the kitchen to shakin Steven's with my mother while my father watched on, laughed and told us we were cracked! Precious memories now.

My best Christmas I think would be the one we spent in Austria when I was a child. It snowed non-stop from the minute we woke up to the minute we went to bed, it was truly magical & my one & only proper white Christmas! We also had an evening sleigh ride through a snow covered forest - perfect! I'd love to take my children back there one day. x

My best Christmas is every year with my family all around the table having Christmas dinner enjoying the jokes and the crack this year a little bit sad as my son has gone to Australia ...he used to do all the little tiny bits for Santa and Rudolph make it real for his little sister we are going to miss him this yearπŸ™πŸ˜˜

Best 2 Christmas were when I was about 12 and my Grandparents came from Galway to spend Christmas with us because I hated to think of them being on their own at Christmas. And Christmas 2001 when my husband surprised us with a beautiful labrador puppy . She gave us 13 yrs of love and we still miss her

My best christmas was december 2010. My daughter was o ly 6 months old and we had a white chridtmas. Was real christmassy with snow. Would love another white christmas ⛄❄⛄

On Xmas day I woke up to look for my Xmas sock at the end of my bed, it was hanging there full, I was delight, pulled the sock up, tipped contence out to find it was a couple of lumps of coal and a letter from Father Christmas saying how naughty I had been over the year and if I was better next year, I would get my presents. Well needless to say, EVERY XMAS THERE AFTER WAS MY BEST XMAS πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My best christmas is every xmas since i had my kids. My kids make xmas for are house.πŸŽ„β„β˜ƒοΈπŸ‘«β›„πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

My best christmas when I was 6 years of age from santy. I got a present. My first sit on tractor it was a blue one 1986

Xmas 2009...I was overdue with my baby and was opening presents Christmas morning and was surprised with a phone obviously bawled like a baby very hormonalπŸ˜‚β€and every other xmas iv had with my little ladyβ€πŸ’œ

My best Christmas was 1999 when our first son Conor was born- he’ll be 18 on Christmas Day ❀️

1984 I was 9. My last Xmas with my mam

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2 weeks ago

ES Glass

Its going up #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas ... See MoreSee Less

Its going up #itsbeginningtolookalotlikechristmas


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Already up! πŸ˜‚

3 weeks ago

ES Glass

Good afternoon to you all, we will be closing our order books tomorrow for 2017, but will still have made stock for sale if your interested please pm me here or you can visit our etsy shop. Thanks a mill. ... See MoreSee Less