Residents Bemoan Ignorance Of Drivers During Roadworks

Angry residents have been left to clear up the mess after a succession of lorry drivers chose to ignore warnings that the N52 at Delvin has been closed this week.

While many are complaining that the notice given about the road closure was inadequate, residents in Lacora Glen watched in amazement on Thursday 27th October when the driver of an articulated lorry who had driven past at least four prominent warnings that the road ahead was blocked, was forced to turn at the entrance to their estate.

In a spectacle that lasted more than half an hour, grass verges were damaged and a tree was broken. A lamp post would have bitten the dust too had a resident not intervened.

All week, residents of the Lacora Glen and adjacent Castle View / Court developments have watched open mouthed as lorry drivers and others used their road ways as giant turning bays after failing to acknowledge road signs.

In the fifteen minutes that a photographer was out today, two large vehicles turned at the entrance to Castle View – one of which mounted the verge and nudged a stop sign before sheepishly driving off. Just before this, a long vehicle had to turn using the entrance to Lacora Glen and only succeeded after four attempts. In fairness, this driver was highly skilled and did not cause any damage, but why did he (and others) ignore the warnings?

Residents have taken up the matter with council and Garda officials, but it is hoped that drivers will now have the common sense to respect the warnings that are in place.

The N52 is expected to reopen on Friday afternoon (28/10) but will close again on Tuesday 1st November for four more days.