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Trust Technique practitioner for Large Animals, based in Delvin. Consultations in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Are you ready to experience a powerful shift in your relationship with your animal?

The Trust Technique® is a gentle, positive, and non-dominant method that uses mindfulness to create a peaceful environment in which animals and humans can develop a deep connection, healing, and mutual trust.

With the Trust Technique, we help animals lower their thinking levels and teach them to be peaceful. They learn to become non-reactive to negative triggers and this provides deep healing to themselves and their relationship with their human. Humans and animals can understand each other better and work as a team, as equal partners, with love, trust, and confidence.

How can I help you?

As a Trust Technique Practitioner, my role is to teach you about the Trust Technique, coach, support, and hold the space for you and your animal to develop an authentic connection and a deep trusting relationship with each other. Through a 1:1 consultation structure and follow-up sessions, we work together at your animal’s pace, with peace, regard, patience, persistence, and purpose.

I offer in-person Trust Technique consultations in Ireland and Northern Ireland for Large Animals: horses, donkeys, mules, alpacas, llamas, cattle, goats, pigs, sheep,…

Visit or email me at to book a free 15-min pre-consultation assessment to discuss how the Trust Technique can benefit your relationship with your animal.

Madra Rua Animal Connections

Madra Rua Animal Connections

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