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The Delvin Village Website was launched on the 4th of September 2009.

The Delvin Website was created with the intention of celebrating our local community, promoting our events and our businesses and sharing information with visitors from near and far. Similar websites have come and gone since this one started, but the Delvin Website has never relied on public funding. The website and its official associated social media channels are a solo project and are independently owned and managed.

You can find out more about what is available locally on the pages of this website, but key features are summarised below.

St Mary's Church, Delvin
Delvin Castle
Clonyn Castle
Delvin Book Fair
Rapscallion Drama Group presents “The Mean Streets of Garradrimna”
Ballinlough Castle

Look up business information, useful contacts and community groups in the Delvin Directory. If you run a local business, you can support this website by advertising on it for as little as €21.50 for three months. Click here for details.

The noticeboard can be used to post situations vacant / wanted, car share requests, one off small item sales (maximum €100 in value) etc. Some reasonable rules apply. Click here to view small ads or to add your own.

Social Media
The Delvin Website operates TWO social media channels – @delvin.westmeath on Facebook and @delvinWestmeath on Instagram.

Direct messages and comments are no-longer enabled on social media. Users can tag either account to bring matters to the administrator’s attention (for events, local announcements etc.) and they will be reviewed. Please note that this is NOT a full time job and that it is NOT a paid position either.

What’s On
Where notified, details of local events will be added to this guide. Click here to view forthcoming events or here to submit details of an event.

Crime / Antisocial / Suspicious Behaviour
If you witness any of the above, you should contact the appropriate authority yourself and you should do this immediately. Local gardai can be contacted at 086 858 3049. In an emergency, call 999.

Electricity Outages
Known issues will be shared on the Delvin Westmeath Facebook Page. You can however check supply status yourself at Power Check here. Report faults to 1800 372 999.

Family Tracing
Sorry, the owner unable to assist with family tracing enquiries. You may find this website useful but please do NOT consider this as an endorsement of it –

Missing Pets
Please refer these to Lost & Found Pets Westmeath. You can also find contacts for animal welfare organisations in the directory.

Water Supply
Known issues will be shared on the Delvin Westmeath Facebook Page. You can however check supply status yourself here. Report faults to 1800 278 278.

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