Delvin Scouts AGM 2013

The 3rd Westmeath Scout Group held their AGM in St. Patrick’s hall on the 9th of September. The event was well attended by members, parents and the general public.

The night was also used to formally “move” members between the different sections. This move is always an emotional time for the youngsters and the leaders as some have been together since the foundation of the group.

The AGM is always a good time for the scouts to demonstrate what they do throughout the year and to inform people of how they plan to spend the incoming year. This is done by means of displaying their wares and presenting a compilation of photographs representing the different sections.

Become A Leader

The AGM is also a good time for the group leaders to encourage new leaders to join the group. Joining can take place at any time throughout the year and as always we welcome new leaders with open arms.

If you would like to become a leader why not contact us at on 087 940 9913 and let us introduce you to the great outdoors.

Submitted by Third Westmeath Delvin Scout Group

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