Delvin Mourns Ruth Cully-Houlihan

Ruth Cully-HoulihanIn the wake of the tragic accident that claimed the life of mother of two, Ruth Cully- Houlihan, the local community, also Ballyhealy and Crowenstown, are still devastated over her untimely death.

Ruth lost her life on Monday afternoon last, September 6th, when her jeep-type vehicle collided with an articulated truck at Robinstown, on the Clonmellon Road.

Ruth had earlier pulled away from Daybreak at Paul Williams’, and was en route to Crowenstown school to pick up her youngest daughter at She was like all mothers, doing a daily school run, that had only just resumed after a long, great summer, where kids and mothers were only getting into the swing of things. It was to be a fateful journey though for dear Ruth, and one which plunged her husband, and two daughters, into a terrible, dark abyss of grief and heartbreak.

When the news of Ruth’s tragic death spread through the village, and beyond, there was immense reactions of shock, sadness, numbness and total disbelief. Friends and neighbours in Ballyhealy spoke of their devastation, and the awful realisation that Ruth was gone forever.

At Crowenstown school over the past few days, parents continue their school runs, but a cloud of despair and emotion has descended over them, as they try to come to terms with this appalling tragedy. Mothers stand together at the gates, the grief and shock etched on their faces. Laughter that would normally herald the end of a school day, was now borne upon with an uneasy stillness. Children scrambled into cars, yet there was a poignant reminder, of Ruth’s absence, and her terrible fateful journey. A young mother had been taken from their midst, without a reason.

Life is so cruel sometimes.

Article by Theresa Newman