Delvin COMMUNITY Alert

Clear and prompt communication is a great weapon in the fight against crime. 

Through education, text messaging, web alerts and circulars, Delvin Community Alert - in partnership with An Garda Siochanna - aims to help the people of Delvin protect their homes, businesses and their community against burglary, fraud and anti-social behaviour.



Castletown, Delvin, N91 KF57

Managing Officer

Sergeant Bernard Heeney


Office hours vary. Please call 086 858 3049 to ensure the office is open when you visit.

044 966 4193

Mobile Patrol
086 858 3049 

Mullingar Control
044 938 4000


Recent Alerts

Parcel Scam

Locals reporting scam texts re parcel delivery issues & requesting bank account details etc to release. NEVER give out your info in reply to texts or emails.

Catalytic Converter Stolen

4 men in balaclavas stole a hybrid catalytic converter from a Toyota parked at a house in Stoneyford Park last night (2.30 am). Took 90 seconds. Be vigilant.

How It Works

We can ALL help to keep our community safe by being more aware of what is going on around us and reporting anything that doesn’t seem right.

Things to look out for...

  • Unusual activity in your area
  • Strangers on a neighbours property
  • Unknown cars or vans patrolling
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Damage to private or public property
  • Concern about a neighbour’s welfare

What You Should Do…
Call 086 858 3049 in confidence and tell the Garda patrol about what you have seen. Give as much information as you can – descriptions of people and vehicles can make a big difference. And don’t worry – innocent people will NOT get in to trouble!

What You Should NOT Do…
Write it off or assume others will report it! Do not put off making the call - the sooner you call, the quicker a response can be issued.

REMEMBER – criminals work 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Your call really could help stop a crime from taking place and it could stop you from becoming their next victim.

"Insignificant" Details Do Add Up

So you just saw a grey car acting suspiciously at 5pm in Lacora Glen but you don't have a make or registration number - not worth reporting, right?


You might have seen a grey car in Lacora Glen at 5pm but someone else might have caught a partial registration number when they were in Stoneyford Park earlier, someone else might have noted it was a Mazda and someone else noted it had three males on-board! 

All these details DO add up and they DO help the gardai to create a picture of what has been going on. So please let the gardai determine what is significant and what isn't. 



From time to time, Garda initiated alerts and information on local incidents are shared via text message with local subscribers.

Subscription to this system currently costs €10 per phone, per year.

To register your phone now, please complete the form. The treasurer will be in touch direct to arrange collection of your payment.

To opt out, text DELSTOP to 353861800162.

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Useful Contacts

Dog Warden 
Report stray dogs to the Mullingar Dog Pound on 044 934 3934. If a dog is causing a nuisance or is attacking passers-by, you should also contact Delvin Garda on 086 858 3049.

Litter Warden 
Report offenders or sites affected by illegal dumping to Westmeath Litter Warden on 1890 320 005.

Power Failures 
To report power failures, damage to supply equipment or fallen power lines, please call 1850 372 999. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please try to have your MPRN number to hand when calling as this will help them to pinpoint group faults. You'll find this number on your bill.

Street Lighting Faults 
Thieves love dark corners, so report any street lights that are not working in your area immediately.

Private Housing Estates
Visit the Electric Skyline Website and identify the lamp that isn't working using the interactive map. You will also be able to see if a fault has already been reported.

Public Roadways / Local Authority Estates
Call Westmeath County Council on 044 933 2000 and give the following information: 
1. The village and street name
2. The location of the light (e.g. outside number 16)
3. Your name and contact number

Help & Support

AdVic - Support for people bereaved by homicide. WEBSITE.
Amen - Support for male victims of domestic abuse and their children. WEBSITE .
CARI Children at Risk in IrelandSupport for children, families and groups affected by child sexual abuse. WEBSITE.
CONNECT Counselling service for any adult who has experienced abuse, trauma or neglect in childhood. The service is also available to partners or relatives of people with these experiences. WEBSITE.
Court Support ServicesFree and confidential support for prosecution witnesses and their families who have been called to court. WEBSITE.
Irish Road Victims Association (IRVA) Supports those bereaved or injured by road collisions, and campaigns for justice, rights and recognition for road crash victims. WEBSITE.
One in FourSupport for victims of sexual abuse and/or sexual violence, and for their families and friends. WEBSITE.
Rape Crisis Network IrelandSupport for victims of rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse.  W EBSITE .
Support after Homicide - Free and confidential emotional support and practical information for people whose lives have been affected by homicide. WEBSITE
Towards HealingProvides telephone counselling and a counselling and support service for survivors of institutional, clerical and religious abuse, funded by the Catholic church. WEBSITE.
Women's AidSupport for women and children affected by domestic violence. WEBSITE.

You can also view a comprehensive list of general helplines and support services here.