Delvin Community Action Plan

Several villages have already benefited from the implementation of community-driven action plans which identify necessary works and development opportunities in their areas.

Following a consultation facilitated by Westmeath County Council in partnership with local people, the Delvin Community Action Plan is now LIVE!

Aside from identifying enhancement works, there are literally dozens of funding streams available to  community groups. Details of forthcoming projects and  opportunities will be shared on this website.

Love Delvin - It's YOUR town!

The Story So Far

In accordance with the national strategy of developing town and village plans to identify challenges and opportunities in local communities, Westmeath County Council - in partnership with Future Analytics Consulting - hosted a public meeting at St Patrick's Hall in February 2018.

During the meeting, residents, community organisations and business owners were asked to share their observations about the village - both positive and negative. They were also challenged to suggest achievable ways in which the village could be improved. 

The information collected was collated by Future Analytics and a draft action plan was created. This draft was then placed in the hands of a newly formed local committee which includes representatives from across the Delvin community. Their initial role was to review and refine the document.

In addition to developing the finalised plan, the Committee - in partnership with Delvin Men's Shed and Tidy Towns, carried out works to improve the appearance of the Courtyard and conducted weekly litter picking throughout the village last summer. 

They also secured funding under the Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP) for Delvin Men’s Shed, Youth Group, Westmeath Food Bank and for tree planting in Castletown Court. In March 2019, four workshops were organised for local committees to help them identify and access appropriate funding for their own projects. 

This was just the beginning. 

On Tuesday 26th March 2019, the final version of the Delvin Community Action Plan was formally activated and became a working document. 

Though not necessarily exhaustive, the plan does summarise key local issues and it does identify specific points with defined responsibilities and reasonable targets for delivery. The document will be invaluable as the Committee works to secure more substantial investments in our infrastructure and unlock potential funding for our local community. 

The Committee


Andrew Lawlor

Andrew co-owns Coffee Boutique and is an actor & singer. 


Leah Comaskey

Leah is our resident environmentalist and has a qualification in town and rural planning.

Co. Treasurer 

Deirdre Lawlor

Deidre co-owns Coffee Boutique and runs a jewellery making business. 

Co. Treasurer 

Ronan Leonard

Ronan is a professional singer and actor.

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