Cub Scouts Visit Tayto Park

On Saturday 24th of September, Delvin’s Cub Scouts made their way to Tayto park in Ashbourne. While initally they felt the weather was going to go against them, the day turned out to be perfect in every way.

A total of thirty-five made the trip and this included twenty-nine children and six leaders. They set out from Delvin at ten that morning and did not return until six. Leaders and children had been looking forward to the trip for at least a month and we are glad to report that all gave the park and the day a “thumbs up” when they returned to the village.

Stories included the guided tour of the pet farm, which on recollection is more of a mini zoo including animals from all over the world. The play area which some described as “gigantic” led to hours of endless fun! Nevertheless it was the tour of the Tayto factory itself that stole the show – especially when every person received a six pack of Tayto, made fresh that day as they left for home!

Submitted by the Third Westmeath Delvin Scouts