Crime – Don’t Become A Victim!

Don't assume that a stranger is carrying out legitimate work on a neighbours property - thieves count on this trust!This is a gentle reminder that thieves are about and that they are becoming increasingly brazen in their criminal activities!

Remember that the next time you turn a blind eye to a stranger walking around a neighbour’s empty house, that YOU could be their next victim.

YOUR house could be damaged when the thieves gain access
YOUR personal possessions could be rifled through and snatched away
YOUR privacy could be violated and your details copied for other criminal intentions
YOUR sense of personal safety could be threatened in the one place that you should feel safe – your home.

Also give some thought to the time that would be required to clean up after the burglars and all the hassle that would be involved in putting things right again with insurance claims, workmen coming in to repair damage etc. Would you be happy to see a neighbour go through this? What if it was you?

Apathy is a criminal’s best friend so help protect yourself and your neighbours by immediately reporting any suspicious or anti social behaviour to the mobile patrol on 086 858 3049.

Remember that legitimate work is easily and quickly verified and there is no harm done by checking things out.

Delvin, Co. Westmeath