Community Alert Meeting Notes – July 2013

Delvin Community Alert

A meeting of Delvin Community Alert took place on Wednesday 24th July and was well supported by local residents, along with two Garda representatives.

Garda Report

  • With longer days and warmer nights, an increase in burglaries has been noted. Daytime burglaries have also been an issue. Please report any behaviour which causes you to be suspicious. Legitimate business can be easily verified and it does no harm at all to show caution towards unknown vehicles or persons in your area and to report their presence.
  • Please review your home security. Sensor lights and alarms are a real deterrent to would be thieves. Consider fitting extra locks to external doors – especially patio doors. Avoid leaving windows open whenever possible.
  • An Audi was stolen from a house in Castle View on Tuesday night. The property was accessed through the back door and car keys were taken. Please report any information on this to Garda.
  • Please report suspicious vehicles. In particular, Garda are currently keen to trace a black VW Golf, part registration 03 DL (yellow plates), which has been linked to a number of thefts. The vehicle has been noted locally on two Fridays out of the past three. If seen, please alert Garda immediately.
  • Issues pertaining to anti-social behaviour in Castle View Court are being monitored by Gardai and action is being taken to deal with the perpetrators. Officers are aware of three “domestics” in one evening and were alerted to an incident of indecent behaviour in broad daylight last Friday. Again, residents are being urged to report ANY behaviour that causes them concern or distress.
  • Garda are aware that some vehicles are using the main street as a racing track at night and that speed limits are not being observed. Action is to be taken to address the matter and to deal with offenders.
  • Foot patrols are now walking through the village and monitoring estates at weekends.
  • Concern was expressed that motorists are not seeing the pedestrian crossing signs and that this is causing concern to those wishing to use the crossing. Westmeath County Council will be asked about relocation of the signs so that they are more visible to approaching motorists.
  • Garda were advised that some people are having difficulties getting hold of them on the mobile. In response, Sergent Regan said that the mobile is with them all the time but that they are subject to the same coverage availability as everyone else. In an emergency always dial 999 as any information will then be relayed by radio and this is more reliable.
  • Garda office times can vary but if you need to speak to an officer and the door is locked, please use the call button by the door as this will contact the local patrol and they will be able to advise when someone can see you.
  • Finally, when visiting the Garda office in Delvin, please be careful when leaving the car park as the gate access controller has been reversed in to on a number of occasions!

Personal Security

  • A reminder is being issued to keep items out of sight when parking cars. It would only take a thief a matter of seconds to break a window and to make off with a purse or other valuable item left on view, so please place such items in the boot or out of immediate view.
  • It was noted that a resident in Collinstown was followed home after collecting their pension. Fortunately, a family member was waiting and the would be thief was deterred, but less fortunate were the owners of a nearby house that was robbed a short time later. If you feel that anyone is following you, please make your way to the nearest Garda station.
  • There have been a number of incidents of thieves calling to houses claiming to be utility company representatives, septic tank inspectors, water meter installers etc. Always check their IDs, and if necessary, close the door and make a call to verify that the person’s business in legitimate.
  • Try to vary your routine. Thieves often monitor habits, school drop offs/pick-ups and work arrangements. Try to vary your habits as much as possible.

Senior Alert

  • Please keep an eye on your elderly neighbours. When the weather is hot, their security is more vulnerable and they also risk becoming dehydrated.
  • Helplink South provide a 24 hour monitored security package to the over 65s for just €90 a year. The package includes a panic call button, sensor and emergency lights, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. For more information, please call 090 644 5080.
  • A limited number of bottles are available at €2 each for the “Bottle in the Fridge” initiative. Your doctor will complete a short questionnaire which is then place inside the bottle. The bottle is placed in the fridge and a sticker is placed by your front door alerting emergency services to the presence of your medical details should you need them. Please contact the committee for details.


  • Thank you to everyone that contributed to the recent collection. The amount raised was €257.43, a sharp drop on last year’s total of €333.35. It was noted that many people are aware at the moment.
  • A fundraiser will be organised in the Autumn.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place in September.