Don’t Let Thieves Spoil Your Christmas

With everyone preparing for Christmas it should be expected that the thieves among us will also be making their own plans for the festive season. Don’t let a burglar test your home security before you get around to doing it!

Taking a few minutes to check your home and to make simple changes where appropriate can help make it less attractive to thieves. Click here for a handy checklist. Consider investing in low energy lighting to reduce the number of places they can hide and take simple precautions such as locking doors and windows – don’t forget to secure your outbuildings and lock up your oil tank too.

When out and about doing your Christmas shopping, keep your purchases out of sight when leaving your car unattended. Don’t leave cash, purses / wallets or mobiles lying around, and be aware of the people around you at all times.

If you see anyone acting suspiciously, call the 24 hour mobile Garda patrol and ask them to check things out for you- 086 858 3049.