Another Successful Competition For Inspiration Taekwon-Do

A little organization from the Irish Midlands (Inspiration Taekwon-Do with members competing from Delvin and Clonmellon) recently took on the might of the best Taekwon-Do Association in the World – the ITA (Irish TaeKwon-Do Association).

In the Yellow Belt section male 12-13 years (and with with nearly 20 competitors) we took 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in patterns. We also took silver in female sparring Under 10s, Gold in under 13 Male sparring and two bronze in female sparring. We are only new (just over a year old) and we will get better!

Many Thanks to Mr Mahon for umpiring on both days and to Carrielee and Aoife for Coaching today. Thanks also to all the parents who supported their children.

Submitted by Inspiration Taekwon-Do