Advertising Terms and Conditions

99% of work in relation to this website is carried out on a voluntary basis. Naturally, there are limitations on what can and cannot be offered in return for the annual fee that business users are charged, so the following Terms and Conditions shall apply.


"The Website" refers to the Delvin Village Website (, any social media channels and mailing lists associated with it.
“I”, “Me” and “My” refers to the owner of The Website.
"You” and “Your” refers to the individual or business seeking to advertise services on The Website.
"Profile" refers to Your business page on The Website for which an advertising fee is payable.

These Terms and Conditions may be updated from time to time and the latest published version shall always apply. 

Payment Terms

2.1 Your payment will be due at the point of registration and Your Profile will be created on receipt of Your payment.
2.2 A draft will be sent to You for Your approval before it is published.
2.3 Your Profile will be live for exactly twelve (12) months from the date of publication.
2.4 A renewal invoice shall be issued ten (10) days before the anniversary of the publication of Your Profile. Reminder notices shall be issued at days seven (7), ten (10) and thirteen (13).
2.5 Where a renewal payment has not been received, Your Profile will be deactivated on day eleven (11).
2.6 To avoid damage to site integrity, inbound links from social media to deactivated profiles will be deleted within seventeen (17) days of the unpaid renewal invoice.  

Profile Content

3.1 It is Your responsibility to ensure that information published on Your Profile is accurate and that it does not infringe on Copyrights or breach any State laws.
3.2 Content will be optimised for publication on the web but You must provide sufficient information about Your business for Me to create a Profile on Your behalf.
3.3 A limit of one (1) logo plus no more than eight (8) photos per Profile shall apply.
3.4 Your Profile may include one (1) link to a social media channel operated by You.
3.5 Updates to Your Profile or details of Your events or offers must always be submitted in writing.
3.6 Event, business news or vacancy information must be submitted ready for publication and I reserve the right to decline publication if I consider the volume of content submitted exceeds reasonable usage limits.
3.7 Other than at the point of renewal, I reserve the right to charge a fee for amendment of a Your Profile, including its social media settings. 

Acceptable Use

5.1 Your Profile is designed to advertise Your business and it may not be used to promote or endorse third party services, products, events or activities.
5.2 The Website is NOT a 24/7 operation and adequate notice must be given if submitting details of events or promotions.
5.3 All content submitted for publication is subject to My approval and I reserve the right to reject, edit or redact it should I consider this appropriate.
5.4 I reserve the right to terminate – without refund – Your Profile if content on Your own website or social media pages is indecent, defamatory or likely to cause offence; or if Your behavior towards Me is considered abusive,intimidating or disrespectful.  


6.1 Every effort is made to ensure The Website is available 24/7/365 but I cannot accept responsibility for server failures, denial of service attacks or downtime as a result of malicious activity, a force majeure or an unforeseen change to personal circumstances.
6.2 No authorisation is given to You or any third party to comment on My behalf or claim part or whole ownership of The Website.
6.3 If You have any concerns about the legitimacy of an enquiry pertaining to be in relation to The Website, You should contact Me directly.
6.4 No authorisation is given to any third-party media to replicate content from The Website - in any form - without My written consent.
6.5 I am under no obligation to You to disclose visitor statistics in relation to Your Profile or any other operational information.  


7.0 By signing up, You agree to allow contact via email, text message and Whatsapp. 

Updated February 2020