2012 Tidy Towns Campaign Under Way

Delvin’s 2012 Tidy Towns Campaign is now well underway. Hoping to improve on the score awarded last year, a small but determined group met in Carmel Gaffney’s on Monday 21st February to get the ball rolling and to decide which projects to concentrate on in 2012.

St Mary’s Church

Last summer, work started to clear the grounds surrounding St Mary’s Church. Unfortunately, the competition judges awarded their score before work had started. With this worthwhile project resuming in 2012, it is hoped that the hard work will be credited this year!

Many years of neglect still need to be stripped away and volunteers are again being sought to help with the heaviest of the work. On the plus side, once it has been done the grounds will be easier to maintain in the future.

The ruins of St Mary’s never fail to draw in camera yielding visitors each summer and it is hoped that they and local visitors will soon be able to fully explore and enjoy this impressive landmark. An open afternoon for relatives and friends of those buried in the graveyard is also being considered to raise awareness of the project.

To register your interest as a volunteer, please call Eamonn on 044 966 4658.

Litter Picking

Once again, all residents are encouraged to help with the campaign by keeping their own areas clean and free from litter.

There will be weekly litter picks in the village each Monday from 6pm, so why not gather some neighbours and schedule your own sessions for this time? 20, 30 or 60 minutes of your time each week could make all the difference!

Dog Fouling

Unfortunately, dog fouling has become a problem. Pet owners are reminded that their dogs should not be let out unattended and that they must clean up after them. This is a hygiene / safety issue above all else but fouling is also illegal!

Summer Flowers

Flower baskets will again be hung throughout the village this summer. In addition it is hoped that a few “barrels” will also be added at ground level for people to enjoy. If anyone would be interested in helping out with the flowers or sponsoring a barrel, please get in touch.


Given well publicised funding cuts, the decision has been made to scale down the more ambitious projects that were considered for this year. Costs that did not require consideration in 2011 will have an impact on this year’s campaign so a slower but steadier campaign will be managed.

The annual collection for 2012 will take place on 5th and 6th May.

Next Meeting

Monday 12th March at 8pm in Carmel Gaffney’s.