18/05/11 – Tidy Towns Meeting Notes

Delvin Tidy Towns met on Wednesday 18th May to discuss progress with preparing the Village for this year’s National Tidy Towns Competition.

It was reported that permission had been given by Declan Leonard (WCC) to cut back the grass surrounding St Mary’s Church on the main street. This work will be carried out early in June and volunteers for the big clean up are invited to step forward.

The wall surrounding Delvin Health Centre has been power washed and a special coating will be applied to the wall before it can be painted. In addition, it was noted that work had begun on tidying up the house next to the Caman Inn.

Permission has been granted by the owners of the derelict cottages at the northern end of the main street (“Death Row”) to be painted. Unfortunately, Tidy Towns will bear the cost of this and some dismay was expressed by attendees at the idea that the absent owners of these properties are seemingly not being chased for costs.

To date, attempts to contact the owner of the old post office have been unsuccessful. Work is continuing to trace the owner and every effort will be made to force a clean up of this property.

Parents are being asked to encourage their children to take their litter home with them and local schools may be approached to help get the message across. It was pointed out that there are fewer litter bins available now, and it was noted that this in line with council policies in Dublin and London where bins have been removed for security and to prevent misuse of them.

Dog owners are being asked to keep their dogs on leads and to clean up after them. Dog fouling is a health hazard! It was also mentioned that the newly laid stones around the castle are being disturbed by dogs. The committee will look in to the possibility of placing a fine mesh over the stones to prevent further damage.

Flower baskets will be hung throughout the village by the June bank holiday. The delay was mainly due to the severe winds that have been battering the village recently.

Next meeting: Wednesday 1st June