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Local Features

Friendship Club Planning Visit To Russborough House

Delvin Friendship Club are planning an outing for members on Thursday 30th July to Russborough House and Glendalough Co. Wicklow. Read More...

Summer Fitness Special

Sweat Fitness is offering an unbeatable price on local fitness classes at St Patrick’s Hall Delvin! From now until September, a one hour class (Thursday evenings) will be just €5. Read More...

Garden Open Day - Sunday 5th July

Alec and Evelyn Sherwin will open their award winning gardens to the public on Sunday 5th July to raise funds for Delvin Hospice Homecare. Read More...

St. Ernan’s Hurlers Celebrate Féile Success

Congratulations to the players and coaches of the St. Ernan’s Hurlers who won their division in the Féile Competition last weekend. Read More...

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So... with the arrival of eFibre broadband and television (to parts of the village at least), how many others have gone through the ORDEAL of trying to cancel their account with Sky? ... See MoreSee Less

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Paul CoffeyJust cancel the direct debit12 hours ago
Delvin WestmeathAlready done but in all my life I have NEVER dealt with such an awful company when closing an account!12 hours ago   ·  2
Nathan TugwellWill it be rolling out to all the village and outskirts of Delvin?12 hours ago   ·  1
Jan CarrollTook me two years to cancel with Sky!!12 hours ago
Ann MurphyHey do u know if efibre is in the Grafttonstown area ?12 hours ago
Catriona MahonIt's a joke how long they keep you on the phone trying to convince you to stay with them you really have to get rude with them to get anywhere11 hours ago   ·  1
Colin BolandJust cancel the direct debit and allow nature take its course!!11 hours ago   ·  2
Delvin WestmeathI believe that fibre broadband services are currently only available to those living within 1 mile of Delvin's Main Street. How long it will be before everyone has access is anyone's guess. :(11 hours ago
Jan CorcoranSky have fibre in Delvin too11 hours ago
Pauline SheridanWe left Sky 5 yrs ago and we still hear from them regarding reconnection11 hours ago
Una O'Neill D'Arcy:( I am jealous that you are having a terrible time with sky because of efibre reaching delvin10 hours ago
Rob ClaytonFibre is only usually with in the speed limits of a town, the maps online show the while delvin exchange providing fibre to the likes of Mabestown etc, but it will never come out too far. They have to put up some boxes on road side to provide it. Pretty much false advertising from Eircom.9 hours ago
Aaron MurphyIts a big waste of time with efibre if your getting ur tv and broadband of eircom and u have more than 2 smartphones and laptop ur tv reception will keep buffering and wont load and most house holds have 2or more smartphones and a laptop and people with kids have xbox or playstations think before you buy and that came from a customercare assistant from eircom8 hours ago
Suzanne DevittIf you get you internet into the house there is a box you can get where you pay €120 aprox a once off payment then you get all your channels. Sky movies etc and karoke, music, box sets to watch when you want. We (Mullingar) are waiting for our contract with evision to end then we are buying one of the box's. My other half's friend has one and it's amazing tv channels from all over the world xox7 hours ago   ·  1
Andrea Oman ManganStill on really expensive satellite broadband. We can't even get a working eircom line!5 hours ago
Willie FordeHopefully you never have trouble with eircom you think dealing with sky was bad...4 hours ago

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A resident has been in contact to advise they have experienced anti social behaviour at the hands of a group of local youths. The most recent incident occurred yesterday evening at approx 7.30 when damage was caused to an air vent at a property. When incidents like this occur, they do stand out and it is unlikely that this resident is alone in their experience. PLEASE do not hesitate to REPORT any incidents of anti-social behaviour that have affected you or your neighbours. Regardless of their age, something CAN be done about the perpetrators if information is shared. The garda mobile is 086 858 3049. ... See MoreSee Less

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Declan MooneyGive them something to do in a village with no amenities what so ever and that'll stop.16 hours ago   ·  7
Sabrina Mander MurphyI agree get youth club going I'm willing to volunteer15 hours ago   ·  5
Barbara CribbinI grew up in the country too with no so called amenities (like most other ppl) and some how I managed not to vandalise anything! Boredom is not an excuse!!14 hours ago   ·  12
Sean LeddyPutting up a status over something that was an accident? Over a tiny air vent ? 😂11 hours ago   ·  2
Christina PoyntonIf u really want to stamp out anti social behaviour u need to do what Declan and Sabrina suggested youths especially bored youths tend to get themselves in trouble when there's nothing else for them to do, reporting them to the guards isn't really addressing issue or solving it.11 hours ago   ·  3
Michelle FarrellyPlenty of local clubs around the area/town for youths so this behaviour shud not be seen as a result of boredom. Maybe laziness and not willing to partake! Just a thought10 hours ago   ·  3
Samantha FlynnI agree with Michelle Farrelly..there's plenty of things to do... What's wrong with cycling, soccer, football, hurling or even hanging out in each other's houses or listening to music... Up to parents to teach them a bit of "IMAGINATION"...and if they're really bored I'm sure there's a couple of elderly neighbours that have grass that needs cutting or weeds to be pulled...9 hours ago   ·  4
Michelle FarrellyWell said Samantha Flynn9 hours ago
Gillian NashPlenty to do in the country. Get out the bikes, go for a walk , go fishing, help an elderly neighbour, ' hand ball. Hurling, football. .these are only a few things. Vandalism is only an excuse for boredom. They could find lots of things to do other than cause stress to others.9 hours ago
Olive PowerExperience teaches me that there are probably a handful engaging in disruptive behaviour who don't "fit in" anywhere else. They are in trouble at home, in school and find others in the same boat so they hang round together. Feeling excluded and out of place they target things to annoy people. It starts with the odd air vent; moves on to underage drinking and soft drugs and then leads to serious crime and drug use. A FAMILY SUPPORT INITIATIVE in the area would work with parents of young people engaging in this "annoying" behaviour and with the young people and prevent in becoming a serious large lettering.8 hours ago   ·  1

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